Welcome to the Worst Decision You’ve Made Today

(No Take-Backs)

What do we do? We watch the worst movies ever made, so you don’t have to suffer through them yourselves. We’ll watch anything from Multi-Million Dollar productions that landed straight on the shelves at the Dollar Store to the indie-est of Independent Films literally found in buckets under tarps behind shelves (true story), we’ll watch anything you throw at us. The Oscars are for normal people who respect themselves. We are not those people.

What do we define as a “terrible movie“?  For us, a Terrible Movie must strive for quality and it also must fail to meet that goal.  A movie made poorly on purpose does not count and is just sad (i.e, every Adam Sandler movie from the last 10 years).  But what if you find a movie that clearly has a tremendous amount of effort and passion behind it, and still ends up coming out awful? That’s a thing of beauty that should be treasured.  Also, it should be laughed at.  You’ll find the latter here.

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